Pictures from Carly and John’s Wedding

Carrie and I posted pictures from Carly and John’s wedding. The pictures during the ceremony didn’t come out well (if you want to take photos in a large, dim space, you need to use a lens bigger than your fingernail). But there are several good shots from the reception.

Carly and John at Brennan's

2 Responses to “Pictures from Carly and John’s Wedding”

  1. Paulina Says:

    Thanks for posting these! I started working on pictures yesterday evening, but I only got through my sister’s graduation from two weeks ago. On the wedding pictures, I’ve gone through and removed the red-eye where it needed removing. But I still have lots of cropping and resizing to do before I can post. Hopefully I’ll get it done sometime in the next week or two.

  2. Stanton Champion Says:

    These look great! Thanks for posting!